Saturday, November 23, 2019

SPECTATE brought Houdini to Brisbane in 2017

Here's a Houdini play that flew under my radar back in 2017. SPECTATE ran November 7-18 at the Sue Benner Theatre in Brisbane, Australia, and offered what sounds like a unique experience. Here's a description from

'SPECTATE' is a transmedia performance work that frames the audience as witnesses to Harry Houdini’s final tragic show. 
3D printed performers, live video compositing and immersive audio are used to construct a world of contemporary illusion. 
'SPECTATE' is a show about being an audience and using transmedia forms Counterpilot is asking you to play the role of the audience. Wearing a headset throughout the show, you’ll hear a voice inside your head prompting you. You’ll be suspended between layers of reality while Counterpilot challenges you to navigate versions of truth and fiction. 
The work features performances by Hugh Parker, Anna McGahan, Toby Martin, Cam Clark, Elise Greig, Brad Haseman, Lucas Stibbard, Veronica Neave, Lauren Jackson, and potentially the spirit of Houdini himself. Written & directed by Nathan Sibthorpe.

Below is a trailer that gives a sense of the show's avant-garde nature. The company also offered a "live-streaming attempted hi-tech séance" on Halloween that year.


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