Sunday, November 17, 2019

Houdini is a Historical Hottie

Here's a fun one. This podcast by sisters Whitney and Lindsey Nelsen assess the overall "hotness" of historical figures. In this episode they rank Houdini and magician Dell O'Dell. I especially enjoyed their discussion of Houdini's physical attractiveness (4.5 out of 5) starting around the 40 minute mark. Enjoy.

For show notes and more episodes visit the Historical Hotties website.



  1. Harry kept himself in pretty good shape for most of his adult life. It inspired me to emulate that and keep maintaining some fitness coming into middle age.

  2. Pretty funny! Thanks for sharing. ("Very sensual cupid's bow mouth...!")

  3. That podcast was super fun (thank you, another cool historical podcast to listen to!). 😁 I'd give him at least a 4.5/5 overall combined score too. And, yeah, uh, I definitely hear them on which photos of Houdini are the "hot" ones. Heh. 😏 Hearing them constantly texting photos of him to each other (even while discussing O'Dell further) and some other things they said made me laugh. It was really cool learning about Dell O'Dell too, I'd never heard of her before! 😯

    Only minor minuses are some details they skimmed over that they could have included, and some avoidable pronunciation errors ("Vision" biplane; "Hoo-Dan" [albeit, still way better than saying "Hoo-Deen"]).

  4. It’s always his legs that get me. *blushes*