Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Phantom Files: Houdini's Curse

Buried in all the Halloween action this year was the release of this bit of Houdini fiction, The Phantom Files: Houdini's Curse by William B. Wolfe.

The Greatest Escape Artist of All Time is Trapped. 
And he thinks I have the key... 
After our adventure with Mark Twain, I'd hoped Bones and I were out of the ghost hunting business for good. 
But a crafty magician has other plans. Houdini himself is stuck between worlds, and Bones can't wait to help him. 
When the mysterious Reaper666 is added to our crew and we come up against a powerful vengeful spirit, it's not just Houdini's afterlife on the line. 
We better have some fantastic tricks up our sleeves, or we're going to all end up imprisoned with Houdini. 
Or worse.

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