Thursday, November 21, 2019

The scent of Houdini

While working among Houdini's private papers at the Harry Ransom Center, playwright Beth Burns believed she caught a whiff of what Houdini might have smelled like. She described it as: "A nice, clean, woodsy smell—like Old Spice and shaving cream, with a note of coffee."

I'm not sure if that's what this new Houdini Cologne smells like. But as this is the creation of our friend and class act David Haversat, I'm sure it's just as nice. So if you're looking for a gift for the magician in your life, look no further than your nose.

Houdini - Cologne for Men will be available this Christmas and Hanukkah Season for $29.95. For pre-orders please contact

UPDATE: Click here for details and how to purchase..



  1. Fun idea! Cool packaging, too. (And I love the idea of catching a whiff of Houdini's scent via his possessions. Not inconceivable! Reminded me that for years, Caswell-Massey has sold a cologne said to have been the same formulation that George Washington wore in the 1700s.)