Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Pssst... Wanna buy The Grim Game on DVD?

If you've listened to my interviews on the Transatlantic History Ramblings podcast you will have heard co-host Lauren say that The Film Collectors Society of America is offering Houdini's The Grim Game on DVD. This is likely a recording made from the one and only broadcast of the film on TCM in 2015.

While this may be considered a bootleg, it doesn't appear TCM is ever going to release a DVD themselves. I've also failed to interest other companies such as Kino in doing a release. So we gotta do what we gotta do! The Grim Game is too important to become a lost film once again.

The website also offers the 1976 biopic The Great Houdinis, which has also never been released to DVD. So if you want to grab that one too you can make it a Houdini double feature.

Thanks to Lauren for this hot tip.



  1. The Film Collector’s Society of America’s disks are offered from collector to collector. The Grim Game disk includes TCM’s first broadcast with ensemble music as was shown in Hollywood. That is, it does not include TCM’s second broadcast with Steve Sterner playing original piano music.

    1. Thanks Joe. Do you know whether the DVD includes TCMs introduction? Too bad it doesn't also have the Sterner version. Even though I didn't really care for that score, it would be interesting to have.

    2. Yes, it includes TCM’s host, the late, great Robert Osborne introducing the film.