Saturday, July 18, 2020

Houdini joins the Bold and Fearless

Looks like we have another new Houdini book for 2020! The Great Harry Houdini by Claire Golding is released by Heinemann as part of their "Bold and Fearless Series." It runs 24 pages and is nicely illustrated by Ron Mazellan.

One thing I enjoy about books for young people are when the illustrations provide an image of something that has no photographic record. Here we have two good examples with the sea monster challenge and Houdini's ice bath (which I've shared on my Houdini Illustrated Facebook page). The text consists of simple summations of Houdini's greatest feats. Only error I spotted was dating the Harvard Bridge jump as 1907 instead of 1908.

This is not listed for sale on Amazon nor at the publisher's website. It's possible this is for schools only. But Arthur Moses is selling copies on eBay, which is where I nabbed mine!


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