Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Houdini on Mars

While Houdini has battled Martians in fiction before, I don't believe he's ever actually been to the red planet itself. But now Harry Houdini And The Great Worlds' War! by Daniel T. Foster appears to deliver just that.

Mars: A world under siege by an invading force.
Jupiter: A sinister foe bent on domination of the Solar System.
Earth: Torn between helping an ally or making themselves a target.
It would take a magic trick to save the Etherverse. Luckily, we've got just the man to pull it off: Harry Houdini!
War and intrigue on the planet Mars in 1919 come together in "Harry Houdini and the Great Worlds' War," the thrilling fourth chapter of The Etherverse! Features a special bonus story on "The Klank Korps," the Earth's attempt at a mechanical soldier...in 1917!

A 24 page comic book made in "Dime Novel" style. Written by Daniel T. Foster, and illustrated by Michael J. King

Purchase Harry Houdini And The Great Worlds' War! at Etsy.

Thanks to Arthur Moses for the alert.



  1. Im not too keen to see Houdini's face & name slapped on nonsense like this...just to make a few bucks off a famous dead man.

    To each his own.

    1. I'm actually coming around to that same thinking, Joe. While I don't read it myself, I still always liked the idea of Houdini fiction because in it's own way it's a testament to Houdini's continued popularity. And Houdini was the hero of fictional adventures even in his own lifetime. But now there is just SO much of it, and much of it does feel like a cash-in on his name. Also, I don't love the idea of kids intro to Houdini being as a crime fighter with magic and history sidelined. So, yeah, I'm starting to turn on it (I've largely stopped collecting it).