Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arthur Moses offering reproductions of rare Hungarian Houdini pitchbook

Arthur Moses checks in today with a terrific offer for all Houdini collectors. Recently he discovered this extraordinarily rare Hungarian pitchbook from 1922 that promotes The Mastery Mystery. Arthur has now made reproductions of this rarity for sale.

"I have made some reproductions to sell...each is 5x8 inches - perfect bound (stapled) on antique looking high bond paper. 3 images appear (although very poor quality as in the original). Extremely rare! This unique item is scarcer than the Russian pitchbook."

You can buy one of Arthur's reproductions of this rare Houdini pitchbook for $25.00 within the USA and $28 outside the USA. Send payment via PayPal to He has also listed several copies with a Buy It Now price on eBay.

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