Sunday, February 13, 2011


When I announced last month that we had hit 10,000 views since our debut on Nov. 10, 2010, I said my new goal was to hit 20,000 by Houdini's birthday (March 24). Well, today we've blasted past the 20,000 mark. In fact, this past week we had our first 500+ views day. Houdini lives indeed!

Our stats have changed a bit since our 10,000 view milestone. Our NEW all-time most viewed story is Experts appraise Pawn Stars. Looks like controversy trumps sex. But sex comes next with The illicit loves of Harry Houdini. That's followed by A Houdini photo you've never seen and my trip to 278: The Home of Houdini.

The vast amount of our viewers are still in the United States, followed by Australia, Canada, UK, Chile Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Denmark. Most of our users still connect via Windows (74%), although Mac is gaining (19%), followed by iPhone (2%), Other Unix (1%), and iPod (1%).

Thanks again to everyone for the hits. Our new goal is to reach 100,000 by Halloween. See you then.


  1. Outstanding - seems like only yesterday it was 10,000.

    Just keep up with those bathrobe/swimsuit pictures and your future is assured.

  2. Oh, so THAT'S what's doing it? :p

  3. Congrats, John! You totally deserve those 20,000 + views. Glad to know my home country (Canada) is up there, too. :)

    Re: melbo's comment: I heartily concur! :p