Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jim Steinmeyer at The Magic Castle

I've just received notice that Jim Steinmeyer will be at The Magic Castle tonight at 8PM for a talk and signing of his new book, The Last Greatest Magician in the World: Howard Thurston versus Houdini and the Battles of the American Wizards. This is a "Castle Perk" open to all AMA Members. It's pretty last minute notice, but you can bet I'll be there!



  1. Do you think there'll be a stir over the book? Seems like there is that much already.

    Can you tell all afterwards or is that not the done thing?

  2. A stir? You mean a Houdini faction vs. a Thurston faction? :p No. The Castle is all about magic lovers, and Jim is a God there. Besides, anyone who has read the book knows there's no issue here. The book is superb magic history.

  3. Yes that's what I meant.

    I didn't think he was going to be pummelled with rotten fruit or anything.

  4. I think he'll get a friendly reception, even from us Houdini Guys. :)