Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ooh la la!

Check out this curious photo of Houdini that Kevin Connolly found on a Hungarian website accompanying an article about the Houdini Art and Magic exhibition. Is this photo on the level? At first glance, it feels like there is something fake about this shot, and it's not just that it's such an untypical picture of Houdini.

However, I followed the AFP photo credit and found the image at the AFP Image Forums. According to the website, this was taken in Paris in April 1909, and is copyrighted Maurice-Louis Branger/Roger-Viollet.

Could this have been taken while Houdini was filming Les merveilleux exploits de Houdini à Paris for Film Lux? The year is right, as is the "movie star" attitude.

Just goes to show, when it comes to Houdini, there's still plenty out there to discover. Nice find, Kevin!


  1. You're quick - good work.

    And here's me sniggering behind my hand at his discordant attire.

  2. I posted the AFP link on Kevin's page first, but Comments with links need to be approved, so I don't know if it's shown up yet. It's a great pic!

  3. I thought that was Hugh Hefner for a second.

  4. That would require a Captain's hat. :)

  5. Hope you don't mind but I stuck the link to this in Kevin's thread.

    They've probably all seen this by now anyway - I'm a mere 24 hours behind.

    (Hef in a bathrobe ain't a patch on Houdini. Even when he looks like an explosion in a thrift shop, he's still adorable).

    1. Hehe! That image in my head is so funny! 😆

  6. Ha, I knew it was real! Nice work, retracing the origins of the photo. :)

    @melbo: LOL, I agree re: Houdini's dress not being a factor in his adorableness. :p

  7. He’s looking fabulous! ✨