Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Google celebrates Houdini's birthday

Now this is too cool! Google will honor Houdini on his birthday tomorrow by changing their logo to this terrific image.

Since 1998 Google has created special logos called doodles to celebrate holidays, birthdays and special events. This Houdini doodle is currently live in Australia, New Zealand and some other countries where it is already March 24th.

Looks like 2011 is truly the year of Houdini!


  1. Someone has posted a screen grab, if you can't wait for tomorrow:

  2. Take THAT, Thurston!

  3. It's only 33 minutes into March 24th and already wikipedia makes mention of this fact.

  4. It isn't often mentioned that Harry Houdini and Al Jolson knew each other. Jolson liked magic and Houdini liked Jolson's singing. Both came from a Jewish heritage. Each in their own way were great entertainers!

  5. Wonderful since he's the greatest magician to ever perform magic. even if the trolls say no.

  6. I can't believe it ... "Illicit Loves of Harry Houdini" is in second place after all this time.

    "Scary Houdini" (as some have called him) is the new number one.

  7. I think "Illicit" will claw it's way back over time. It consistently draws traffic for some reason.


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