Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Houdini in Real Science Adventures 9

Houdini returns for yet another indie graphic novel adventure in Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures #9 by Brian Clevinger. The book is released this month by Red 5 Comics. Here's the plot description:

In the wake of financial panic of 1893, a cabal of industrialists plot to overthrow the government. Their "Black Coat" army stole Nikola Tesla's most top secret technologies. Now they lurk in the shadows of New York City. Starring Charles Fort, Winfield-Scott Lovecraft, and Ehrie "Harry Houdini" Weiss!

You can find Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures #9 at comic books stores and websites such as Midtown Comics.

UPDATE: This is the first in a serialized story, so you can look forward to more action with Ehrie "Harry Houdini" Weiss in Real Science Adventures #10, #11, and #12, coming soon.

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