Wednesday, December 2, 2015

First footage from Houdini & Doyle

ITV in the UK has created a promotional video showcasing their upcoming shows for 2016, including Houdini & Doyle. By my count, the video contains three quick shots from the new series, including a shot of Michael Weston's Houdini onstage. I'm guessing that he's just escaped from the Water Torture Cell here (which didn't exist in 1901, but we'll need to cut this fictional series some slack).

Click to enlarge.

The ITV video is blocked in some countries (including the U.S.), but the blog Hell Yeah Michael Weston! has a posted a version that can be viewed by all.

Houdini & Doyle stars Michael Weston as Houdini and Stephen Mangan as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The series will air next year on ITV Encore (UK), Global TV (Canada), and FOX (U.S.).



  1. Trivia question: How many actors, portraying HH, have had their faces painted on that famous poster next to Michael Weston?

    1. Hey, that's a great trivia question. Seems like there have been a lot because elements of this poster have been used far and wide (the banner on the pier in The Great Houdinis, for example). But at the moment, all I can recall is the Brody movie and a mockup used in Murdoch Mysteries. But there they didn't do face replacement. They just added "Bros." to the poster. Oh, and THIS.

  2. From Hell Yeah Michael Weston, thanks for the shout out :)

    1. Thank you for posting a version of this video I could watch. :)



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