Friday, December 4, 2015

American Museum of Magic shares collection online

Some great news today from our friends at the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan:

The culmination of several years of effort--collections from the American Museum of Magic are now available through the Google Cultural Institute. This is a major accomplishment for a small museum and we're delighted to have this finally up and running. The Magic Museum is home to the nation's largest publicly accessible collection of artifacts, exhibits, and live performance experience dedicated to this fascinating topic. Worth a trip to Marshall, Michigan to see it. In the meantime, follow the link to the GCI for a taste of what awaits.

The poster here is an example of what you'll find at the GCI page. You'll notice that this is not the familiar "Do Spirits Return?" poster that we've seen in books and online. The size of the poster and the colors are somewhat different, as is the typeface used for Houdini's name. The poster is misdated as 1909. This was used to advertise Houdini's full evening "3 Shows in One" in 1925-26.

Check out more at the American Museum of Magic GCI page.

Thanks to John C. Sherwood for the alert.



  1. This poster was purchased by my late friend Daniel Waldron.
    Mr.Waldrons finding of Blackstone sr. show in a storage unit, gave Abb
    Dickson the idea to produce the Houdini water cell and milk can.
    Many of the Blackstone sr. came from Daniel.
    When Bob put the milk can on display almost in the center of the main
    floor, Mr, Waldron purchased a 3 sheet post of Houdini with his arms crossed, and only HARRY HOUDINI written underneath. A month or 2
    later Mr. Waldron found the 3 shows in one 3 sheet and purchased it
    to go on the back of the first poster. Jon Oliver

    1. Thanks Jon. I didn't see this one was I was at the museum in May. Maybe its still on the back of the other poster (what's typically called the "Houdini the President" poster -- but I hate that name), but you can no longer see the back. They've now set up a little performance stage behind it.