Thursday, June 21, 2018

To Gladys from Franz Kukol

Fifteen years ago Bill Bremer, a postcard collector in Texas, unearthed a cache of 36 postcards sent to Houdini's sister, Carrie Gladys Weiss. All this week I am sharing select cards from this remarkable collection. [Read the full story of Bill's find here.]

Today's card is unique among Bill's collection and one of the most remarkable of the entire batch. This card was sent to Gladys from Houdini's trusted chief assistant Franz Kukol while he was on vacation in Austria in July 1911. Seems everyone loved Gladys! What's especially interesting here is that he addresses her as "Miss Gladys Weiss Houdini."

JULY 3. 1911. 
Am spending my vacation with my familiy at home the weather is very bad rain every day, so am indoors all day long.
On Friday I'm going to my mother to Vienna & shall stay a few days & expect to be back in London July 15 or 16th.
With kindest regards to all. 
I beg to remain
Respectfully yours

Tomorrow I'll conclude my look at this incredible collection with three knockout cards from Bess Houdini herself. You won't want to miss these!



  1. Love the handwriting and formal closing of this card.

  2. I notice that in this postcard and also in a letter Franz typed for Houdini, Franz's English and his typewriting and his handwriting are just about perfect.