List of surviving Houdini theaters


The following is an incomplete list of surviving theaters and auditoriums where Houdini is confirmed to have appeared (alphabetized by state/country).

United States and Canada
Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Golden Gate Theater, San Fransisco, CA
Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach, FL
Orpheum, Wichita, KS
Majestic Theater (CIBC), Chicago, IL
Symphony Hall, Springfield, MA
Auditorium, Baltimore, MD
Main Street Theater, Kansas City, MO
Adams Theater, Newark, NJ
Palace Theater, New York, NY
Times Square Theater, New York, NY
Apollo Theater, New York, NY
Nederlander, New York, NY
Palace Theater, Cleveland, OH
Hanna Theater, Cleveland, OH
Goodyear Theater, Akron, OH
Victoria Theater, Dayton, OH
Valentine Theater, Toledo, OH
The Ritz, Scranton, PA
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
Paramount Theater, Austin, TX
The Grand Opera House, Galveston, TX
Capitol Theater, Salt Lake City, UT
The Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville, VA
The Moore Theater, Seattle, WA

United Kingdom and Europe
Ronacher Theater, Vienna, Austria
Cirkus, Copenhagen, Denmark
Empire Theater, Burnley, England
Royal Hippodrome Theater, Eastbourne, England
HippodromeHulme, England
Clapham Grand, London, England
Palladium, London, England
Pavillion Theater, Glasgow, Scotland

Below are Houdini theaters that have been converted into other businesses but are still housed in their original buildings and/or still have their original facades.

Hippodrome, London, England
Clunes, Los Angeles, CA
Keith's (Prospect Ave.), Cleveland, OH
Alvin Theatre, Pittsburg, PA
Prospect Theater, Flatbush, NY
Bushwick Theater, Brooklyn, NY
Alhambra Theater, Harlem, NY
Roosevelt Theater, Union City, NJ
Proctors Palace, Newark, NJ
Globe Theater, Boston, MA
Madison, Detroit, MI
B.F. Keith's, Washington, D.C.

If you know of any other surviving Houdini theaters, please let me know.

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