Friday, July 1, 2011

Ann Coulter would like Appleton to celebrate Joe McCarthy, not Houdini

Not many people know that Houdini's hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, is also the birthplace of Sen. Joe McCarthy. But conservative harpy Ann Coulter knows it, and in an interview on FOX (where else?) she used Appleton's celebration of Houdini over McCarthy to illustrate a point about "the elitism and idiocy of the left."

"I went to Joe McCarthy’s birthplace in Appleton, Wisconsin," she told Sean Hannity. "They have a whole museum to Houdini! Houdini lived in Appleton Wisconsin for, like, six months. He wasn't born there, he didn't die there, he wasn't raised there. But it's the Houdini Museum in Appleton, Wisconsin."

So maybe they should rename the new Houdini Plaza "McCarthy Square"?


  1. Actually, I'm surprised SHE knew that Joe McCarthy was born in Appleton, Wisconsin.

  2. It's comical that everything is seen through such an exaggerated political lens. "Leftists"? Hilarious! As if it's impossible that Appleton honors Houdini just because it's a fun thing to do and he's such a world-renowned figure.

  3. Houdini (or any other much loved celebrity) is far more interesting that any politician. Period.

  4. I would rather have a non-alcoholic beer with Houdini than a beer with Joe McCarthy!

  5. Tail Gunner Joe...a great American.

  6. To me, the decision on whether one celebrity's life should be celebrated versus another should be based on the answer to this question: "which one brought more happiness to the community or to the world at large?"

    It's hard to argue against the celebration of Harry Houdini on that score.

    Kevin Jones

  7. McCarthy ' s bust is located at the Outagamie County Museum. He was born in Grand Chute, west of Appleton. As usual Coulter has missed a few facts in her effort to be critical of others.


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