Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Appleton curator cautions about bogus museum website

Nick Hoffman, the new curator of The History Museum at the Castle in Appleton, Wisconsin, is cautioning visitors about an unofficial website that contains out-of-date information about the museum and its displays, including the Houdini exhibit. Nick writes on his blog:

"Unfortunately, a server hosted in Drum, Pennsylvania, is negatively performing the art of misdirection to confuse our guests. Using information from our old website, they have created a new fake website about the museum using obsolete information and the web address from our former website. Already the website has confused many of our visitors. Among the most flagrant inaccuracies are a listing of old exhibits and inaccurate hours of operation. Please help us by spreading the word about this false website that misdirects our visitors."


Visit or for the (real) latest news and information about The History Museum at the Castle.

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