Monday, October 31, 2011

NPR unlocks the secret of Houdini's bloodline

On this 85th Anniversary of the death of Houdini, NRP (National Public Radio) has posted an interview George Hardeen, the grandson of Houdini's brother, Theo. Hardeen, and a member of Houdini's bloodline who has, until now, remained almost totally outside the spotlight.

It's a terrific segment by Daniel Kraker, and George Hardeen sounds like a solid guy. I especially love when he says that Houdini's DNA is now flowing into the Navajo Nation. Also, the recording of Houdini's voice played during this segment (at 3:23) is the different recording that was recently played at EMC 2011. My jaw hit the floor when I heard this!

I'm honored to say I was asked by NPR to help out on this segment. I was able to clarify some information and provided photos from my own collection (one of which you see here). Got a nice credit for myself and the blog. :)

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  1. I'm glad you finally got to hear the 'other' Houdini recording. That third wax recording that is supposed to be of Houdini and Gladys reading poems in German, well those poems were written by Houdini's father apparently. Just found that out the other day.

  2. Now where did NPR get that recording? Dont tell me they just asked Copperfield for it and it was that easy!

  3. Yes, apparently it was. :) I asked if I could get a copy of the new recording, but, of course, they can't do that without permission from Copperfield.

  4. His "ladies and gentlemen" sounds very much the same. It wasn't until I heard "I take great pleasure in introducing" that I realized it was different. And then he uses "latest invention" instead of "original invention". But after the reporter talks, they edit in the older/familiar recording. So they use both.

  5. Has you ever tried just asking Copperfield for the audio clip? Maybe that's all it takes!

  6. I would if I knew how to contact him. Any tips?

  7. tente conversar com o copperfield pelo facebook


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