Thursday, October 27, 2011

Patrick Culliton lectures on Houdini at The Magic Castle, Sunday

Patrick Culliton, author of Houdini The Key, will present his acclaimed lecture, "Houdini in Hollywood", at The Magic Castle this Sunday, October 30, at 3:30pm in the Palace of Mystery. The lecture is free and open to all Magician Members.

Patrick is filling in for Joseph C. Bauera who had been scheduled to present his recreation of Houdini's spirit lecture that day. Hopefully Joe will give his lecture at a later date.


  1. If you are planning on attending this, please be sure you don't sit in my seat. Thank you.

  2. Oops! I was wrong about the location. According to Pat, this is going to take place in the Palace, not the Parlour. I've changed the story. Sorry, Mr. Vernon (you old Houdini hater you).