Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alpha releases Haldane of the Secret Service on DVD

Alpha Video has released Houdini's 1923 silent feature Haldane of the Secret Service on DVD. This marks the first time Haldane has ever been released as a stand-alone DVD.

This was the last film Houdini ever made, and the second for his own Houdini Pictures Corporation. After long being considered a lost film, a fresh print was discovered (here?) and released on the Houdini The Movie Star DVD box set in 2008.

Alpha has also released The Man From Beyond, Terror Island, and Mystic Circle Murder as stand alone DVDs. While these tend to be nothing special as far as the print is concerned, Alpha goes the extra mile with cover art and menus. Cover art for Haldane is a combination of a poster for The Grim Game and typeface from Houdini's Europe's Eclipsing Sensation poster.

You can purchase Alpha Video's new Haldane of the Secret Service DVD from or


  1. I love the cover art and the words Lost Silent Classics Collection HOUDINI; I just wish it said The Grim Game.

  2. Do you know if this will be available in PAL format or is it only in NTSC?

    1. According to the Alpha website, it's Region 0, so I believe it will play on PAL?