Thursday, March 28, 2013

Houdini #18 in list of Top 100 movies people want to see

The Sleepy Skunk, a website database of Hollywood films both real and hypothetical, now has a page devoted to a generic Houdini biopic. Amazingly, the Houdini biopic is #18 on the site's ranking of "Top 100 Movies We Want To See," topping real upcoming movies like Iron Man 3 and Avatar 2.

The goal of Sleepy Skunk is "to get audiences involved in deciding which movies should be made." It works by allowing members to post their own ideas for who they'd like to see play the lead roles, etc. On the Houdini page so far you'll find this pretty cool fan made poster and the top suggestions of Sean Penn as Houdini and Amy Adams as Bess.

Got the message, Hollywood? (Of course you haven't.)

Thanks to "Houdini FREAK" Gigi Romero (@GigiConG).


  1. Houdini movie, YES. The slogan on the poster "A Life So Extraordinary It Had To Be Real", awesome. Sean Penn as Houdini, no, just too old.

    1. I've always liked the idea of Penn as Houdini but, yeah, he is a little old now. But he can transform himself in surprising ways...

      At the moment, my favorite actor for Houdini is Michael Stuhlbarg.

    2. Wow, that guy looks like Houdini! My vote would probably go for Mark Feuerstein from Royal Pains.

  2. I choose Mark Walberg to play Houdini, the height and body are similar

  3. Of all the made for tv movies on Houdini through the years has any come close to shedding light as to how it was to actually watch him perform?