Tuesday, May 26, 2015

'Houdini' up for Emmy consideration

HISTORY has included the Houdini miniseries in their 2015 Emmy campaign DVD pack sent out to voting members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Houdini is up for consideration as Outstanding Limited Series; Outstanding Actor in a Limited Series (Adrien Brody); Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series (Kristen Connolly); Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series (Evan Jones); as well as "all other categories."

Nominations will be announced on July 16. Winners will be announced during the live Emmy telecast on September 20, 2015.

UPDATEHoudini miniseries locks up 7 Emmy nominations



  1. I have a question/comment concerning the 1953 Houdini movie. By 1953 Houdini himself would have been 79. So the population must have had a nice % that not only saw Houdini in the 20s but also the teens and prior. That being the case do we in fact see better "glimpses" of the real Houdini in Tony Curtis's performance as compared with later Houdini bios? I mean possibly some of the actors producers writers or directors may have seen the real Houdini and in some ways added to Curtis performance what they remembered? I am well aware the fictional nature of the movie but at the same time it was the best chance we had to better understand how Houdini performed on stage.

  2. I believe Joe Dunninger might have been a consultant for the movie. He and HH were fairly close friends so he might have had some input on Curtis' portrayal. According to Patrick Culliton, Dorothy Young gave actor Harvey Keitel pointers on how HH walked and talked before he filmed Fairy Tale.

  3. Leo is correct, Joe Dunninger was an advisor on the '53 movie and knew Houdini well. Maybe he gave Tony pointers, but I don't feel like capturing the authentic Houdini was what that movie was all about. It was more of a magic show biopic with Tony just being the movie star that he was. But having said that, I think he probably did naturally capture a certain lightness of spirt and charisma that other actors have missed. He certain had that Houdini twinkle.