Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Young Harry Houdini screening at The Magic Castle, May 26

The Magic Castle in Hollywood will screen the 1987 movie Young Harry Houdini as a "Castle Perk" for members on Tuesday, May 26 at 8:00pm. Star Wil Wheaton will be in attendance for a Q&A with Steve Valentine. Here's a description of the event:

INNER CIRCLE: Join us for a screening of Young Harry Houdini, the 1987 "Disney Sunday Movie" starring Wil Wheaton. See the movie and then enjoy an exclusive Q&A with Mr. Wheaton after the screening. He will chat about his memories of the shoot and his lifelong relationship with magic. If you haven't seen the movie, Billy McComb plays a character called Merlin. ALL MEMBERS WELCOME!

This is probably the hardest of all the Houdini biopics to see, so this will be a real treat. You can read more about Young Harry Houdini HERE.

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