Monday, April 11, 2016

Exclusive: Houdini collection for sale

Today readers of WILD ABOUT HARRY get first crack at an entire Houdini Collection (primarily books) being offered for sale by Jack Allen. This list is being made available to us via Bill Goodwin at the Magic Castle's William Larsen Sr. Memorial Library.

While Jack would love to sell the collection as a whole, he's open to selling items individually. Unfortunately, he does not list prices, but his phone and email are at the top of the list, so contact him with your wants and prices can be hashed out. There's some good stuff here, so act fast!

Thanks to Bill Goodwin and Lisa Cousins at the William Larsen Sr. Memorial Library.


  1. Its kind of scary but I have all those books......

  2. As most of us do.

  3. As someone else said, it's an instant Houdini library. You don't see many signed Elliott's Last Legacy.