Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ROUGH RIDERS #1 rides into stores

The first issue of ROUGH RIDERS, the new graphic novel series that has Houdini teaming with other famous notables, is released today by Aftershock Comics. The series is written by television producer Adam Glass (a Houdini buff) with artwork by Pat Olliffe.

Led by a young Theodore Roosevelt, a motley crew of soon-to-be American legends must work together to solve a mystery that threatens life itself. Harry Houdini — street magician and master of misdirection. Annie Oakley — a washed-up entertainer, eager for a chance to prove herself in a real war. Jack Johnson — an undefeated brawler and the son of ex-slaves, determined to get his shot at the heavyweight championship…When a terrifying alien technology destroys the USS Maine, these unlikely allies set sail for bloody Cuba, into the heart of a brewing conflict, to wage a shadow war against the greatest threat mankind has ever known. Before they were famous, they were…ROUGH RIDERS.

As you can see in the image below, issue #1 comes in three variant covers, two of which show Houdini. You can get the variant Houdini (water tank) cover at Little Shop of Comics. It's limited to 300 copies. The regular group shot cover can be found on Amazon.

ROUGH RIDERS #2 will sport a terrific full Houdini cover and is due out May 4, 2016.


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  1. Just bought and read the first issue via ComiXology. It's a good story in three sections. First, Teddy Roosevelt is introduced as an almost Batman-like action hero, helping the downtrodden with his arsenal of steampunk contraptions. Then we learn that Teddy is some kind of operative for a consortium of tycoons including Rockefeller and Hearst, who task him with covertly investigating what seems to be an alien invasion in Cuba. Finally, Teddy starts to assemble his A-team, beginning with boxer Jack Johnson. Houdini only appears in one panel at the very end, but clearly he'll play a major role in the next issue.