Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Regular Little Houdini in the USA

Welsh actor Daniel Llewelyn-Williams is bringing his acclaimed one-man show, A Regular Little Houdini, to the U.S. for a special three city tour. Performances kick off at the Hollywood Festival Fringe, June 16 to 23. WILD ABOUT HARRY readers get a special 50% discount by entering the code "handcuffs" when buying tickets at the festival website.

A Regular Little Houdini, set in Newport, South Wales at the turn of the last century, is a coming of age story. A tenacious young boy from the docks idolizes Houdini and commits himself to a life of magic. But the harsh reality of working class life in Edwardian Britain gets in the way. Regardless, he trains himself to emulate his hero’s magic tricks and escapology on the town’s famous landmarks while his toiling family struggle to accept their son’s eccentricity. As he matures our boy finds himself an integral part of the most significant and terrifying events of British industrial history and his personal journey intersects with the great showman himself. With his hero’s guidance, he fights against conformity, in the mud and the filth, against the irrepressible tide of responsibility, to balance childhood folly and humanity with the cynicism of adulthood. It’s a story of youthful imagination and joie de vivre, with a very real vein of jeopardy brought about by the dangers of daily life in a ruthless Edwardian dock town. It’s a beautiful tale of hope and magic inspired by the author’s own family stories and of course, the real life visits of Houdini to Wales.

The Hollywood shows take place at Theatre of NOTE and Asylum's (Inter)national House. I'm planning to attend the first performance on June 16 at 7:00 PM at Theatre of NOTE. L.A. Houdini nuts activate!

After Los Angeles, the show travels to the Spreckels Theatre in San Diego as part of the San Diego Fringe ( Performances run from June 26th to July 3rd.

The tour concludes at Headwaters Theatre in Portland Oregon, July 18th to July 23rd.

More information can found at the official website:

UPDATEA Regular Little Houdini in Hollywood (review).



  1. Great put me down for two.

  2. This was a really good show. Some forgivable inaccuracies Houdiniwise, but the description of the bridge jump was way compelling. If you idolized Houdini when you were a kid this will ring very true to you, especially when it evokes that urge to do daredevil stunts or struggle to pick strange locks -just to feel a little bit like Houdini. Go see it. Now!

    1. Thanks Bullet. I planned on going tonight, but I had to work last minute. Going to do all I can to see the show before it leaves. Dang real world work!