Monday, June 27, 2016

LINK: Why You Should Be Watching ‘Houdini & Doyle'

This review at UPROXX by Andrew Husband is worth a read. It's an honest take on the merits of Houdini & Doyle by a regular television watcher and critic. It also contains a few choice insights about how the show has been rolled out here in the U.S., including this quote from creator David Titcher:

“All my friends hadn’t heard of it unless I’d told them about it,” Titcher admits. “We’re really trying to get the word out, because Fox has thrown us into the deep end and we’re hoping we can swim.”

There are only two more episodes of Houdini & Doyle left (including tonight), but you can watch all the past episodes at FOX NOW. Links to my reviews can be found at my Episode Guide.



  1. I agree that FOX totally dropped the ball on promoting the show. I only knew about it because of your posts from last year. It seems that it's only known by the most avid Houdini fans and viewers who accidentally stumble upon it. Let's just hope it does better in the UK and Canada and gets renewed for another season. And that a better home can be found for it than FOX.


    1. Fox has done a good job promoting on social media, but I haven't seen much, if anything, outside that.

  2. I find myself watching each episode more than once, because of Weston and Mangan, both warm, charismatic actors with excellent comedic timing. The show is historically absurd, but fun!

    1. It is fun. And even though it takes liberties with Houdini history, it's still respectful, which I like.



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