Friday, June 24, 2016

Larry Weeks now "Houdini's Biggest Fan" for eternity

Colleen Bak, our girl in Queens, took a stroll through Machpelah Cemetery today and noticed that Houdini collector Larry Weeks now has a beautiful headstone that identifies him as "Houdini Biggest Fan." Larry purchased the plot expressly to be near Houdini own gravesite. He died in 2014.

Speaking of Houdini's plot, Colleen reports that the S.A.M. restoration appears to be underway. She says, "HH's grave looks really it has been power washed, and a glass piece placed over the mosaic...awesome work on the restoration for sure."

Thanks Colleen.

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  1. I was at Machpelah around Christmas and, yes, the graves are in very good shape these days. I remember I was previously there about five years before and it's like night and day at how fixed up it is now. Thanks S.A.M.

  2. His headstone gets it right. Larry was such a treasure of info on Houdini. I had the great pleasure to meet him at The 2011 Official Houdini Seance in Springfield Mass. It was the first seance sadly without Sid Radner. Larry was one of the inner circle members which included Teller that night. I provided the entertainment and did my Underwater Cell escape and Larry was so kind and shared so much with me. It was a great night and a great honor to be with them all around the table in celebrating the magic of Houdini.

  3. I was so luck to have spent hours with Larry and get The Grim Game preserved.I am sure Harry gave him a hug when arrived. As Larry saved to the last minute to get in safe hands. It now being screened for the world to love and the original element's now are preserved and protected at NYU Special Collections.