Friday, June 24, 2016

Hardeen joins Houdini & Doyle

Houdini's brother Theo Hardeen makes an appearance in this Monday's episode of Houdini & Doyle played by actor and musician Justin Rutledge. Rutledge shows up during Mama's funeral, and while not mentioned by name, the closing credits identify him as "Theodore Weiss."

The Canadian born Rutledge joins a growing list of actors who have now portrayed Hardeen on film. Past Dash's have been: Jack Carter (The Great Houdinis), Mark Ruffalo (Houdini), Remy Auberjonois (Boardwalk Empire), and Tom Benedict Knight (Houdini Miniseries).

Hardeens: Carter, Ruffalo, Auberjonois, Knight.

The real Hardeen appeared in a 1936 Vitaphone short called Medium Well Done. Unfortunately, that film is currently considered lost.

Houdini & Doyle "Necromanteion" airs this Monday at 9/8c on FOX and Global TV. For reviews and links to view past episodes, check out my Episode Guide.


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