Tuesday, October 11, 2016

LINK: In 1926, Houdini Spent 4 Days Shaming Congress for Being in Thrall to Fortune-Tellers

Atlas Obsucra has a post today by Alicia Puglionesi about Houdini's lively 1926 testimony before Congress in support of a bill to outlaw fortune telling in the District of Columbia.

The congressional hearings on the matter careened on for four raucous days. Order in the chamber disintegrated, police were repeatedly summoned, and the husband of a medium nearly punched Houdini in the face. Meanwhile, newspapers nationwide had a field day with headlines like “Hints of Seances at White House” and “Lawmakers Consult Mediums”.

Click the headline above to have a read at  Atlas Obsucra. Below are links to more about when Houdini went to Washington.


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