Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Official Houdini Séance 2016 details revealed

Should Houdini decide to return on this 90th anniversary of his death, he certainly has a choice of destinations, with seances being held in New York, Marshall, Danville and Colon. But the longest running of them all is the historic "Official Houdini Séance" which this year is being held at the Oriental Theatre in Milwaukee. Today I have some details of what to expect from the evening.

The event this year is being co-hosted by Dead Man's Carnival, a Milwaukee based Vaudevillian, Circus, and Burlesque show, and will offer up a full evening of music and magic open to the public. Period magic will be performed by Bob Rath, John Kurtz and Maria. Escapes will be performed by Glen Gerard and Ron Fable.

Houdini historian David Saltman, who has done important research on Houdini's childhood in Milwaukee, will be there to present his latest findings. David is arriving early to do some on-the-ground research and has already given a taste of what to expect at his blog The Houdini File. I'm looking forward to all of David's reports!

But the séance will be the true focal point of the evening, and this year the organizers have retained Rev. Lynette Corsten, a medium and astrologer. The Official Houdini Séance is distinctive in that it employees a real medium and conducts the séance with all seriousness. At the table will be Houdini notables: Bill Radner, Tom Boldt, Fred Pittella, Dr. Bruce Averbook, Robert Somerdin, Midge Markey and David Saltman.

The Official Houdini Séance 2016 will be held October 31 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 and available HERE. For more information, visit the event's Facebook Page.

Keep up with all the 90th anniversary Houdini events via #Houdini90th.



  1. After 89 -- NO shows, why would anyone attend for the 90th attempt. DUHHHH. Even Milwaukee-ans aren't that dumb. I saved the 15 bucks and apparently did MANY others.

    1. Because it's a nice way to celebrate Houdini and a fun way to spend a Halloween night. There were also some excellent magic performances and lectures. Apparently David Saltman dropped some bombshells in regards to new information about Houdini's father and Houdini's childhood in Milwaukee. Meaningful stuff for Houdini folk.

  2. Houdini did not appear, but his father did! For details, see The Houdini File,