Monday, September 29, 2014

'Houdini' review in October MAGIC

I'm proud to report that the October 2014 issue of MAGIC Magazine features a review of the Houdini miniseries written by yours truly. This is a condensed version of my full review published here on WILD ABOUT HARRY. Even though I had to drastically reduce this review (from 2400 words to 500), I was thrilled to see it still received a full page.

The magazine also features a report on the recent Potter & Potter Houdini auction in Chicago; Mike Caveney's always must read Classic Correspondence column (this time "Neil Foster to Jane Thurston"); and a terrific look at the magical effects inside Disneyland's classic Haunted Mansion ("Revisiting the Haunted Mansion: Disney’s Magic Show"). The cover features magician Yu Ho-Jin.

Thanks to Stan Allen for allowing me to share my Houdini thoughts with the readers of MAGIC. Visit the MAGIC Magazine website to buy this issue and to subscribe.

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