Sunday, September 21, 2014

New German Houdini documentary

A new German Houdini documentary, Spiel mit dem Tod – Harry Houdini der Meistermagier, will air today on arte TV in Germany and also on French station TV8. Produced by ifage Filmproduktion and directed by Jens Monath, the documentary features reenactments of Houdini's escapes by German illusionist Jan Rouven. The documentary will repeat October 19th on ZDF.

The doc also features actors in the roles of Harry and Bess. Above are Paul Cimpoieru and Delia Nartea in a shot very reminiscent of this publicity photo from the recent Houdini miniseries. Below is the description of the documentary from the TV8 website (translated by Google).

Click to enlarge.

You can read more about this documentary, and read an interview with Jan Rouven, at the ARTE website.

UPDATE: This documentary is now available to view on YouTube dubbed in French.