Saturday, September 6, 2014

Houdini DVD now 45% off at Amazon

You didn't really think I was going to take a break, did you? Psych!

Okay, I am trying to spend a weekend free of the Handcuff King, but I just had to peek my head out and let you know that today would be an excellent day to pre-order the 2-disc extended edition Houdini miniseries on DVD, if you haven't already. It is currently discounted 45% at Amazon. Amazon discounts fluctuate and discounts this low don't last, but when you pre-order, you lock in that discount. And if the price goes ever lower, you'll get that lower price.

And, remember, this version has 26 extras minutes, so we might learn all kinds of new things about Houdini that we didn't know. (Come on vampires!)

Here's the new official DVD trailer from the good folks at Lionsgate and Click Communications.

Pre-order the 2-disc extended edition DVD of Houdini at Amazon (remember, when you purchase using my links, you help out WILD ABOUT HARRY).


  1. You know what would make this dvd sort of epic?...if it had a special feature of your fact checks....that would make me so very happy :) Or a pop-up video edition with your commentary :)

    1. Ha! Not sure they'd think that was such an epic idea. :) But thanks.

  2. One viewing was enough for me...

    1. I'm hoping that the extended footage will be more fact based material, more like what we saw in Part II, and this will help diminish the spy stuff and maybe make it feel a more like a biopic after all. I'll report on the extended footage and maybe even give it all a short re-review.

  3. John, your optimism and enthusiasm is commendable. Anything added to this film would be like putting make-up on a tumor to diminish its presence.
    Sloman and Kalush gave birth to this whole spy nonsense and now...The Creature Walks Among Us.


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