Monday, September 22, 2014

French animated Houdini TV series in the works

Variety reports that a French animated Houdini TV series is being pitched at Cartoon Forum, a Toulouse-based co-production mini-mart that runs Sept. 23-26. "Houdini" is one of 84 projects being shopped at the event. Here's the full report by Elsa Keslassy:

Master illusionist and escape artist Harry Houdini will get a youthful treatment in “Houdini,” a French animated series set to be pitched at Cartoon Forum, the Toulouse-based co-production mini-mart.

Toon series – comprising 26 half-hours – is produced by Jean-Baptiste Wery and 
Emmanuèle Pétry-Sirvin at France’s Dandelooo, which is competing for a Cartoon Tribute.

Set in 1887, the series follows the adventures of Houdini, a gifted 11-year-old illusionist driven by an urge to analyse the many mysteries of New York, which tend to get him embroiled in dubious situations.

Cédric Babouche, the co-author of the novels that served as source material for the series, is directing.

Although the series is not based on a major franchise, it still holds a large potential due to the near-cult status of Harry Houdini, explained Petry-Sirvinn who will be pitching the show at Cartoon Forum.

“Houdini was one of the first illusionist to become internationally acclaimed while alive, thanks to his talent and although kids probably don’t know him as yet, adults do and are intrigued about his mysterious and amazing innate gifts for magic.

The source for this series is "Little Houdini", a multi-platform concept by Cédric Babouche (not yet books as far as I can find). You can read more at the author's website, Cedric's little adventures.

UPDATE: This has now been released in English on DVD and can be purchased at Amazon.

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