Monday, August 31, 2015

Conjuring Arts offering a magic steal!

Our friends at the Conjuring Arts Research Center are offering for a limited time a complete file of Mahatma, the very first American magic magazine, as a FREE PDF. This is part of their annual Summer Reading Program in which they offer free and discounted digital downloads for a limited time.

For Houdini buffs, this is pure gold. Mahatma ran from 1895 to 1906, so in these page one can trace the rise of Houdini issue by issue, from his very first mention in issue #1 -- "The Houdinis, Harry and Bessie, go with Welsh Bros, show this season" -- to full page ads and articles that herald him as the biggest name in magic. There's also an astounding wealth of information on other magicians of the Golden Age.

So CLICK ON OVER to the Conjuring Arts Research Center and grab your free archive of Mahatma.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Excellent. Hope you had a good summer.

    1. Good to see you back, Narinder. Been a while.

    2. Many thanks John. Hectic summer. Unable to get to Edinburgh...... :-(
      Roll on October !