Monday, August 17, 2015

Norman Bigelow has passed away

Sad news. The Magic Compass reports that friend and legendary escape artist Norman Bigelow passed away on Sunday after a long fight with leukemia. According to his wife Janet, he was comfortable, without pain and home where he wanted to be.

Norman Bigelow was a leading and innovative escape artist. He was born August 12th 1944, and as a teenager apprenticed with The Great Reno. He went on to develop his own spectacular original escapes, such as his famous and frightening Doors of Death (right).

Norm was also a passionate Houdini scholar who was never afraid to take on the more controversial aspects of the great magician's legacy. In 1983 he self-published Death Blow, which introduced many to the Houdini murder theory. In recent years he wrote a follow-up, The Original Houdini Murder Theory, along with new offerings, Houdini's Final Message To The World and Mind Reading.

A sad loss to the world of escapology and Houdini scholarship.



  1. Very sad news.

    An original thinker.

    Not afraid to think outside the box.

    We will miss the conversations and emails back and forth with this amazing man.

    He went places other feared to go or could not imagine.

    We will find a way to pay tribute to this escape icon.

    Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz

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  2. Quite a shame. When Houdini died it made headlines worldwide. Norm passes and I can hardly find a mention anywhere aside from a few magic websites.

  3. Norm never quite made it to Houdini's level of worldwide fame, and 99.9% of us never will. When David De-Val passed away, it didn't make headlines either. World fame goes beyond being an escape artist; you have to be an entity, a force that captures the imagination of the public. May he R.I.P.

  4. It's called charisma.....Houdini had it.... All other who tried to emulate him as an escape artist did not.