Sunday, March 6, 2016

VOTE for the Arthur Moses Houdini collection to be shown in Dallas

The Perot Museum in Dallas is holding an online vote for which collections you'd like to see displayed as part of their upcoming "Eye of the Collector" exhibition. One of the candidates is the Houdini collection of Arthur Moses. This is one of the world's greatest Houdini collections, but one that is rarely seen outside Arthur's home. So let's help send it to Dallas!

To vote, CLICK HERE and scroll down to the "Most Unique Collection" category. You don't have to enter any info...just click the vote tab and it's done!



  1. I voted John. Will you be making the journey if they show it?

    1. I had the great pleasure of seeing Arthur's collection at his home when I went out for the 2012 official seance. But who knows? Maybe!

  2. Moses parted the Red Sea, so voting for him is the least I can do.