Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Honest Liar on PBS, March 28

The acclaimed documentary about the life and work of James "The Amazing" Randi, An Honest Liar,  will air on PBS Independent Lens tomorrow, March 28.

For the last half-century, James “The Amazing” Randi has entertained millions with his dazzling feats of magic, escape, and trickery. Along the way he discovered that faith healers, fortune-tellers, and psychics were using his beloved magician’s tricks to swindle money from the credulous. Fed up with the fraud, he dedicated his life to exposing con artists with a wit and over-the-top showmanship all his own. An Honest Liar is part detective story, part biography, and a bit of a magic act itself. 
An acolyte of Harry Houdini, Randi became a famed magician-turned-debunker of psychics and mediums in his own right with a series of unparalleled investigations and elaborate hoaxes. These grand schemes fooled scientists, the media, and a gullible public, but always in service of demonstrating the importance of skepticism and the dangers of magical thinking. Randi was a frequent guest on TV variety and talk shows, most notably The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, uncloaking high profile scams, like the “spoonbending” of illusionist Uri Geller. Eventually Randi’s efforts won him the prestigious MacArthur “Genius” Award.

When dealing with a master deceiver, however, the truth can be elusive. A sudden and shocking revelation threatens to bring down Randi’s own house of cards, and the magician who spent his life exposing phonies may be the victim of a devastating deceit himself.

An Honest Liar is told through interviews with Randi, vintage footage of his TV appearances, and interviews with illusionists, performers, and skeptics alike, including Adam Savage, Penn & Teller, Bill Nye, Geller, Alice Cooper, and more.

For more check out the PBS Independent Lens website and Facebook. You can buy An Honest Liar on DVD and Blu-Ray via Amazon or the official website (much cheaper here).



  1. Actually, people shouldn't follow the Amazon link you provided. They're charging way too much. You can buy the Blu-Ray (well worth it for the extra content) in a couple different bonus packages at the website for the documentary

    1. Whoa, MUCH cheaper! Great deals at the moment. Thanks for the link. I've added it into the story.

  2. James Randi is a great guy and a major influence on modern magic. The film is very well done and deserves a wide audience. Long may he wave!