Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Houdini & Doyle DVD coming to UK May 23

A 3-disc DVD set containing all 10 episodes of Houdini & Doyle Season 1 will be released in the UK on May 23. This is great news for those in the UK who are unable to enjoy the series on the pay channel ITV Encore.

Unfortunately, this Region 2 DVD will not play on U.S. DVD players (unless you have a region free player). But I'm hoping the quick release in the UK means the U.S. DVD might appear quickly as well. Houdini & Doyle will air on FOX in the U.S. starting May 2.

Pre-order Houdini & Doyle on DVD at


  1. Cheaper to purchase this than pay for skytv or nowtv.
    I can wait until May and then binge watch Harry et al.