Thursday, March 10, 2016

Frock Flicks Houdini miniseries costume review

I know we are all about Houdini & Doyle these days, but I highly recommend revisiting the 2014 Houdini miniseries via this a terrific 2-part review of the costumes by costume historian Sarah Lorraine on her blog, Frock Flicks. Here's a taste:

Bess’ Floral Sisters Outfit
The first scene we see Bess in, she’s dancing, so it’s hard to get a good pic of her outfit. I’m really only including it because this establishes that Bess was a vaudeville performer when she and Harry met. I’m only speculating, but her really dark makeup throughout the show might be some kind of visual cue that she’s different. Harry actually asks her why she has to wear such heavy makeup during their wedding night scene, and she brushes it off and keeps piling on the black eyeshadow. You do you, grrl.

Both parts are a must read -- funny and informative -- and Sarah is on our same wavelength in regards to the miniseries tenuous relationship to real history. Click to read:

A big thanks to Christine U'Ren, who recently authored a terrific 3-part blog on Houdini in San Francisco, for alerting me to this one.


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