Friday, May 6, 2016

A Rough Rider in Griffith Park

This week saw the release of ROUGH RIDERS #2, a new comic series that finds Houdini teaming with the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison and Annie Oakley. The second issue features a terrific image of Houdini on the cover. So to promote the release, writer and creator Adam Glass arranged for a Houdini photo shoot at Travel Town in LA's Griffith Park, and invited me to come along to help bring Harry back to life.

The shoot was done on Monday, May 2 (the same day as the Houdini & Doyle live tweet, so I experienced two Houdinis that day). Playing the part of Houdini was actor Scott Dean, who I think makes a fine young Houdini (Rough Riders is set in 1898 when Harry is 24). The manacles and straitjacket were provided by our friend Joe Fox. And nstraitjacket fail on my watch!

The photographer was independent filmmaker Jack Perez, who shot a whole series of terrific images. I'm happy to share a few of those images here.

Travel Town in Griffith Park is a unique Los Angeles landmark housing authentic steam trains from the last century. The free outdoor museum lets visitors climb aboard the trains and take photos. It's a great hidden gem. Check out their Facebook.

Of course, the photos below of the real Houdini were on my mind the entire time. Interestingly, these shots where also taken in Los Angeles as promotion for Houdini's movies. These "Extreme Houdini" images, as I like to call them, appeared in movie magazines of the day. Staging Houdini action among steam trains in Los Angeles...felt like we were truly walking in Houdini's footsteps.

ROUGH RIDERS #2 is available now from Aftershock Comics. Adam Glass will be signing copies of from 11am to 12:30pm at Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica as part of Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, May 7th.


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