Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tony Wolf uncovers Houdini's favorite spook spy

The website Atlas Obscura has a terrific article today by Tony Wolf about Rose Mackenberg, a key member of Houdini's "secret service" of investigators who helped the magician expose fraudulent mediums in the 1920s. Rose is a fascinating subject and quite a character, so click on over and have a read:

This article is a prelude to another exciting Rose Mackenberg project from Tony. He has complied a book collecting a series of articles written by Rose that were originally published in North American newspapers in 1929. The book will be called Houdini’s Girl Detective: The Real-Life Ghost-Busting Adventures of Rose Mackenberg. No publication date yet, but you can read more about the book at the website The Ghost Racket.


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  1. I love the crusade against fraudulent spiritualist aspect of Houdini, especially his secret service! Can't wait to read more about Rose!