Monday, May 9, 2016

Houdini & Doyle episode 2 airs tonight

The second episode of Houdini & Doyle airs tonight at 9/8c on FOX. Tonight's case: A Dish of Adharma.

A 12 year old boy shoots a prominent suffragette, claiming he’s avenging a murder - his own murder in a past life. And if the trio wants to find the truth, they must solve the decades-old killing.

"A Dish of Adharma" is written by David Hoselton and directed by Stephen Hopkins. Below is a preview clip. This is actually one of my favorite scenes in tonight's episode, so I was pleased to see it offered up on the FOX press site. I especially like the end. Enjoy.

Houdini & Doyle episode 1, "The Maggie's Redress," can be watched free at the official Houdini & Doyle website on FOX NOW. Watch for my review of episode 2 tomorrow.


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  1. I like this show so far. Good mystery, good character development, and smart dialogue. Obviously very loose with the history, but they couldn't have this show work without stretching history to make a detective show featuring two legendary historical figures. I am wondering why Bess Houdini was cut out, but I guess it was just to make room for sexual tension between Houdini and the female cop (I can't seem to remember her name, must be tired). Anyway, good show. Thanks for spreading the word. :)