Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mysteries at the Museum repeat dates

If you missed last Friday's Mysteries at the Museum, which included a segment about Houdini and Eleanor Fletcher Bishop (mother of magician Washington Irving Bishop), below are a list of dates the episode will repeat on the Travel Channel. The show visited the Houdini Museum in Scranton and the story told is not widely known.

  • Friday
 August 26, 
11pm | 10c 

  • Saturday
 August 27, 
2am | 1c 

  • Thursday
 September 1
, 7pm | 6c 

  • Sunday
 September 11, 
10am | 9c 

  • Friday
 September 23
, 7pm | 6c

You can keep up with future repeat dates HERE at the Travel Channel website. The episode is titled "Muhammad Ali Saves the Day, Beast of Gevaudan, Before Hillary."

Thanks to Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz.


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