Sunday, August 7, 2016

Houdini pic produces $1,377 with a flourish

A vintage press photo of Houdini brandishing playing cards sold on eBay today for $1,377. That's an impressive price for an unsigned file photo, but images of Houdini as a "classic" magician are not common. The auction started at .99¢ and received 25 bids from 13 bidders.

The photo comes from the collection of the New York Journal American and shows Houdini in his "3 Shows in One" tuxedo with bare arms. Houdini would "tear" off the arms at the start of the magic portion of the show to prove he had nothing up his sleeves. (What ever happened to this jacket, I wonder?) The card flourishes Houdini performed went back to his earliest "King of Cards" days.

Thanks to Kevin Connolly for the alert.



  1. Yeah who had ever thought I would be out bid at 1350, but afterwards I was kind of glad. If that makes any sense.

  2. It's a great image. I always loved it, but I've never seen it in good quality until now.

    Kevin Connolly has an original without any airbrushing. He posted it on his Facebook group: