Monday, August 22, 2016

Torture Cell and Milk Can displayed at Magic Live

Houdini's original (restored) Water Torture Cell and Milk Can were on display last week at Stan Allen's Magic Live! convention in Las Vegas. These come from the collection of David Copperfield. Also displayed were some of David's original Houdini lithographs. The photos below were taken by attendee Ondřej Pšenička.

At this year's convention, Stan announced that he will be retiring MAGIC Magazine. The final 25 issues will be a combination of new and archival material and will be sold only as a subscription set called MAGIC Legacy. Over the years MAGIC has had some nice Houdini articles, so I'm sorry to see it go. I'm hoping among the legacy issues there might be one devoted to Houdini.

Thanks to Ondřej Pšenička and Mark Willoughby.



  1. It's nice when these precious Houdini artifacts see the light of day and are exhibited to the public in this fashion. I salute DC for doing this.

  2. I will, until the end of my days, still be astonished that I had that very same USD in my garage for about 8 weeks in 2003...

    1. Really? That sounds like a story we'd all like to hear. :)

  3. 😄 I organized the 2003 Official Houdini Seance for Sid Radner. It was held outside of Seattle at the former site of a private home in which Houdini had been a guest. The restored USD was at Geno Munari's shop in Vegas, so Sid offered to have it shipped up and go on display for the month prior to the Seance. So the USD arrived at my house! We got it set up on site, and all was well. Then, after the Seance it came back to my house, and stayed for a long time! Neither Sid or Geno did anything about it for many, many weeks (can you imagine!!). I spent a lot of time in my garage communing with the USD!

  4. Oh my! That is very interesting Mamie. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Did you photograph the USD while it was in your garage? You certainly were communing with it...

  6. Oh yes, many many pictures! They are on a server, I'll find them!!