Monday, November 21, 2011

Houdini handcuffs find their way to The Dark Side

The Canadian reality show Deals From The Dark Side recently featured a pair of Houdini handcuffs. The show is hosted by "relic collector" and escape artist Steve Santini and airs on Canada’s OLN network. Here is the description of the Houdini episode:

Episode 2: Houdini Handcuffs
Steve gets the rare chance to purchase Victorian handcuffs that were reportedly used by his idol; world famous escape artist Houdini. His exciting journey of authentication includes stops in Scranton, PA to meet with a quirky crew of Houdini experts and the honor of placing a new bust on Houdini’s grave in NY. Will the handcuffs turn out to be Houdini’s? Named the World’s Most Extreme Escape Artist we discover why as Steve performs a daring escape involving power drills driving into his head. Will he survive?

 Thanks to the gang at the Houdini Museum in Scranton for the tip.

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